Calendar of Events


Rather than post Monthy calendars we are just going to list the dates of importance for 2024*


Opening Day...May 4 ShotGun at 9:30 Cost $25 each

Lefty/Righty...May 18 Shot Gun at 9AM $80 for Members and $120 for non members

Club Champ #1&2 ...June 22/23 $25.00

Pot of Gold...June 30 The format will be a 2 person scramble. Cost $20.

Club Champ #3&4...July 13/14

Pot of Gold...July 28 (format is a 1-2-3 net)

Seniors...August 15. Shot Gun at 11AM. Info on our Tournament page.

Pot of Gold...August 18 (suggest a format)

Pot of Gold...September 22 (suggest a format)

Closing Day...September 28


* Note our League page info for tee time closures  on Mondays and Tuesdays from May until September. 


Costs for our functions here will be updated as they become available.