April 14 2020 Update

This morning the Ontario Government mandated that the province will remain closed for another 28 days.  That takes us to the middle of May.  The fact that the curve in Ontario seems to be flatening the past few days is very encouraging.  Good to know that the expected surge doesn't seem to be happening, just yet anyway. Lets hope it stays that way.  Fingers crossed!!

The golf course is looking amazing this year.  Bob said he has never seen it in such good condition at this time of year. (and he has seen alot of springs)

We are maintaining the course as much as we can with limited staff.  Once we can welcome you back you should find it in mid summer condition.  Lets hope we don't have to wait until mid summer to have you back.

On our tournament page you will notice that all events that were posted for May have now been cancelled.

We will keep you informed as much as we can during this challenging time. We hope you are all well and safe.